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Not only humans have the upbringing, the hotel also has a growth strategy.
   Hotel growth strategy refers to the hotel to seize the favorable opportunity to give full play to their competitive advantage and potential products, markets and technology, and to seek rapid growth and development of a strategy. Hotels want to continue to grow and develop, it is necessary to adjust the existing business on the basis of, and actively develop new business. In planning the marketing task to determine marketing objectives on the basis of the existing business analysis and evaluation, to determine what business to grow and develop, in which products on the market there is room for profit.
A hotel market penetration strategy
    The hotel market penetration strategy is the use of existing products, marketing tools, and actively seek greater market share, increase the number of product sales strategy. There are several ways:
   (1) to encourage customers to increase the number of purchase and purchase the number of times. Such as the joint promotion of the hotel and catering sector, hotel coupons available in the hotel restaurant consumption, with sincere service to win repeat business of hotel.
   (2) fight for the customers of competitors. For customers to buy competitors' products, the hotel should seize the favorable opportunity to take the market in a timely manner offensive to attract these customers, expand market share. For both the purchase of the hotel product and the purchase of competitors' products customers through quality service, so that customers generate this hotel "brand" loyalty.
   (3) to reach potential customers. The products provided by the hotel is diverse, and open up new markets with existing products, to improve sales strategy. There are several ways:
   (1) add a new target market in the area of ​​the original sales
    Consumers in bars, restaurants, bars, recreational venues and other foreign guests and local guests, but like the rooms of consumer companies use office, often foreign tourists or business people to stay, very few local residents to move. The hotel for this part of the population to develop appropriate marketing methods, such as publicity as the local residents according to the fundamental features of the hotel, without going abroad the tourist can enjoy the XX-style services, especially in the holidays, and some celebrations, formulated for specialty products in the market.
   (2) to add new sales channels
    Enterprises, especially within the tourism system is the travel agents and booking enterprise, is the hotel's main sales channels In addition, the hotel should also actively explore new sales channels. Cooperation with other industries within the authority of the institution to actively seek to source industry events.
   (3) the addition of new sales region
    Understanding of other industries and enterprises in the region of the major exchanges and cooperation in the region to take appropriate opportunities and promotions to publicize the hotel, and cooperation in the area of ​​the hotel, issuing a partner hotel brochures and other information to the guests upon arrival.
Hotel product development strategy
    Hotel product development strategy is the hotel through increased product development costs on existing products to improve in order to enhance competition, improve sales strategy. Following
   (1) adding new features. Hotel existing products to add new features, new experience. Such as helping the guests of the hotel booking air tickets, train tickets, tour, try to meet the reasonable demands of the guests, to provide additional services.
   (2) add a new grade. Hotel the amount of the target market to provide high, medium, resist products to meet different customer needs.
   (3) adding new products. Add new recreational facilities such as hotels, venues, food and beverage department is constantly developing new products.
4 Hotels diversified development strategy
    Hotel diversified development strategy is the hotel use of existing resources and advantages of investment in the development of other business strategies of different industries. Are mainly three types:
   (1) the level of diversification strategy. Hotel for the potential needs of target customers, the development of other industry-related business. Such as real estate development to increase the Guest services, specialty shops, shopping malls, financial institutions.
   (2) vertical diversification strategy. The hotel use of the existing product lines, technology, equipment, experience, expertise, etc., to develop new products to the chain. Such as the upward development of hotel supplies, hotel design, down to the development of live planning, exhibition and other business.
   (3) Composite diversification strategy. Hotel use of personnel, capital of the advantages or no significant relationship according to the needs of the joint venture to invest in the hotel business, new business. Such as hotel investment travel agencies, scenic spots, transportation and other travel systems, industries, or funds, to invest in other industry has nothing to do with the hotel business.



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